The US elite abandoned the American dream – Trump is the terrifying result

Where schoolchildren were once taught to love their country and its institutions, now they are imbued with national guilt

The story is in the comments.

The columnist is getting a good pasting for yet another Trump is horrible where did we the natural governing elite go wrong column…

And this from an English audience.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It’s terrifying an outsider can come along and become the front runner.
    One who is self funded, beholden to no one and unafraid to simply say what everyone has been thinking for years.

  • Gary

    The pro-refugee groups that want Obama to bring in 20,000 more Syrian migrants are too busy to notice that Justin wants to bring in another 175,000 in his first term .
    ISIS won’t have to sneak into the USA from Mexico , they just send their Jihadists to Canada that can get a passport and walk across the North border to do Jihad in the US border towns.
    Don’t forget that Justin won’t take away the citizenship or deport Terrorists that kill people in Canada or outside Canada .
    Since the USA is about 10 times our size, the USA would look at us and expect we would take in 2000 because our 175,000 by Justin would be equal to 1,750,000 for the USA in proportion .
    Once they are on our soil we are stuck with them tanks to the SCOC and Justin for rewarding terrorist with our Citizenship. .