Sharia Law or One Law for All?

As millions of Muslims flow into Europe, some from Syria, others from as far away as Afghanistan or sub-Saharan Africa, several countries are already experiencing high levels of social breakdown. Several articles have chronicled the challenges posed in countries such as Sweden and Germany. Such challenges are socio-economic in nature: how to accommodate such a large influx of migrants; the rising costs of providing then with housing, food, and benefits, and the expenses incurred by increased levels of policing in the face of growing lawlessness in some areas. If migrants continue to enter European Union countries at the current rate, these costs are likely to rise steeply; some countries, such as Hungary, have already seen how greatly counterproductive and self-destructive Europe’s reception of almost anyone who reaches its borders has been.

  • More Muslims brings a ever increasing number of terrorists. It is simply a fact.

    Before too long. The terrorists rule.

    Western Europe’s progressives have drank the kool-aide by allowing in millions of Muslims. Western Europe is headed for a civil war at best.

    • The pattern now seems to be a permanent state of low level hot war – small attacks to keep the fear level up, everyday cultural humiliations and aggression that are designed to wear the non-Muslim population down until Europe has vanished in submission.

      All aided by the suicidal doctrines of multiculturalism and diversity enforced by the state.

      • Exile1981

        Multiculturalism is a form of suicide. Suicude is a sin; hence multiculturalism is a sin.

  • k1962

    You know, when something doesn’t work out well, you stop doing it. I don’t understand why this simple rule is not followed in the case of these people who have no intention of ever assimilating into Western culture aside from taking the welfare.

    • At this point the liberal-left still think they are doing the right thing – the “moral” thing, that makes them feel-good. Feeling good” is paramount to the multiculturalists, it’s a symptom of the cowardice and moral weakness of their delusional refusal to see the world in all its stark reality. They will ignore all evidence that their policy is both murderous and suicidal so long as they can feel smug and superior.

    • Minicapt

      We don’t ‘know’ that it doesn’t; we just haven’t figured out how to do it properly.


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Call me nutty, but I see a divine hand in all of this.

  • Dana Garcia

    Muslims are trouble, period. ZERO Muslim immigrants is the right number.