Iranian-born driver is prosecuted for racially abusing parking warden by calling him ‘English’

About time.

  • andycanuck

    Are they sure the guy wasn’t an American Amish?

    • I am certain those responsible will be fired for this obvious travesty of justice!

  • ed

    and he used the English language cheeky ” twat ” nobody is ever racist against an Englishman it is used as a guise to cover their jealousy ! ” to be born an Englishman is god`s greatest gift “I`m an Anglo-Saxon and I do have to agree [ed England]

  • H

    Pushing someone to the ground is a crime; calling them “English”, or “White” or “Muslim” or “Paki”, etc., should not be. Policing language is a detestable infringement on personal liberty … but we see more and more of it, especially in the UK.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      My British grandparents would be rotting in a re-education centre in today’s world. Chinkies, nig-nogs, darkies, wogs, you name it, their vocabulary included it. 😀