Were the names of 22,000 ISIS fighters DELIBERATELY leaked to stop them deserting?

ISIS may have deliberately released personal information about 22,000 of its fighters in a desperate attempt to stop them from leaving, a respected counter-terrorism expert has said.

A cache of documents containing the names, nationalities, addresses, telephone numbers, family contacts of tens of thousands of jihadis was seized today in the ‘biggest counter-terrorism breakthrough in years’.

Recruits from at least 51 countries, including the UK, were ordered to give up their most sensitive information when they joined the terror group.

Elijah Magnier, a security analyst with more than 32 years’ experience covering the Middle East, claimed they were tricked by ISIS and will now be forced to fight until ‘the last breath’.

  • Hard Little Machine

    ISIS OPM hack !

  • Frances

    Word is that these documents may be forged, with a few real ones thrown in to give the whole set credibility.

  • Exile1981

    So? ISIS just made it easier for us to send supporters to them. Yes it’s a double edged sword. Everyone on that list who we send to them is someone they can use in the coming battles…. but it’s also one less “lone wolf” attacker in our midst.

  • NoPasaran

    Once a pickle, never a cucumber.