PM Useful Idiot asks himself: What would Omar do?

Canadian hostages make terrifying plea under command of Islamic militants

  • luna

    Justin should explain to these jihadists how they have been misguided, and set them back on the true righteous path.

    • Clink9

      And apologize for making them feel excluded and offer them Canadian citizenship.

      • Clausewitz

        And give them a coat.

    • Zaba

      Clearly he needs to show up at their masjid.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    jt will do nothing

    • luna

      Maybe he’ll honor them by visiting a mosque.

  • Doug Kursk

    I wonder if JTF2 or Canadian Special Operations Regiment have been green lighted?

    • Clausewitz

      Hahahahahaha, oh you mean you’re serious? Sorry.

  • Maggat

    Well shiny pony, now how are you going to handle this one? Boy oh boy, some decisions have to be made. Sure isn’t what you expected now is it?

  • Loretta Herzog

    Justin will fly to the Philippines and give hugs and teddy bears to the hostage takers and take selfies with them. Maybe he’ll even offer to bring them to Canada and put them up in a nice hotel and give them citizenship.

  • Maurice Miner

    By the way of Allah (swt), you infidels have not the slightest idea about the primal joy of slitting throats, and hearing the heaving and gasping of lungs unconnected to the nose or mouth.

    Moreso, you kaffir swine have never relished the sexual satisfaction of properly conducting a throat slitting, and ensuring that the head of your victim is separated from the body. Allauh Ackbar! It’s even better than climaxing in the wells of a female goat!

    Glory be to the Prophet (pbuh), who taught these attributes to us!

  • Sharkibark

    The MSM will suppress the news once the beheading is done, and PM Selfie won’t lift a manicured finger.

    • Gary

      This is the same CBC and STAR that couldn’t stop fighting to bring back Omar Khadr the convicted murderer and Terrorist.
      Liberals left Will Samson to rot in a Saudi jail to be tortured while the Gay Bill Graham he didn’t want to provoke the saudi’s to behead Mr.Samson so it was the Torture that we had to tolerate to keep him alive.
      The more Gay’s I see get in positions of power , the more sense it makes for why they were put in a Mental Institute to prevent them from harming them self.
      GLADD has been silent over ISIS and Iran murdering gays while we see how Wynne chums around with Convicted and Alleged child-abusers or paedophiles . Svend Robinson gets caught stealing a $60,000.00 Ring at an Auction House display and denied it for 2 days but then calls the RCMP to report hem self to them as the thief.
      Then there is Smithermen and his run away Hubby that was found near naked by a railway bridge at Landsdowne and Dupont which was close to a known Crack House. The Police dumped the Hubby back with Furious George which must nave been an abusive domestic issue because the Hubby was driven to suicide just a few months after that .
      Wynne is also embracing the 175,000 more pro-sharia homophobic muslim migrants that Trudeau plans to bring in during his first term in Office.
      Wynne and Justin don’t care about the rape-gangs by muslims or the new issue for the US security at our Border when the ISIS supporters cross over by land to go Jihad and slaughter Americans as they did in Paris.
      I accept the stupidity by Liberals for the endless deficits and massive debts to buy vote via election fraud because that;’s what Liberalism does to the brain ….. but when gays volunteer to be killed one day by islamofascists just to show how Tolerant gays are and how they embrace Diversity….. I’m at a loss for words and need to create a new Word for this level of insanity and being this stupid.