Nothing to do with Islam: Man shouting “I will avenge Osama” threatens to blow up US Embassy in Berlin

A man has been arrested in Germany after attempting to enter the US Embassy in Berlin and claiming he had a bomb in his suitcase.

The luggage was found to contain clothes and other personal belongings but the alert sparked the partial closure of Pariser Platz, by the famous Brandenburg Gate, on Friday morning.

Police did not confirm German media reports that he claimed he wanted to “avenge” the death of Osama bin Laden, the former leader of al-Qaeda, as he was being subdued.

From the Berliner Kurier: “I will avenge Osama” Terror Suspect at the Brandenburg Gate

  • Clink9

    I’ll try to explain it to you hurtful right wingers.

    The guy felt excluded OK?

  • tom_billesley

    One way to get a hot meal and a warm cell for the night.

  • G

    That’s the funny thing about the Arabs & Africans. You hear a lot of threats, screaming and bluster but you don’t see too many actual victories.

    “I will avenge Osama”!! Yeah, yeah …blah, blah, blah… So why didn’t you?

  • ed

    this might be a it premature ” muslim suspect found to have a history of mental illness “

  • Jay Dillon

    Osama dead. Ha ha. Fish food.