Making Communism Great Again

CommunismWriting in COMMENTARY, the columnist Ben Domenech recently identified a curious phenomenon.  American political actors on the left, he observed, are engaged in a morally hazardous effort to rehabilitate socialism. “The return of socialism has been significantly aided by the academy, where groups of elite-left teachers and bureaucrats of [Senator Bernie] Sanders’s generation who never soured on the ideology have raised up a Millennial generation with no knowledge of the horrors perpetrated by the real-world workings of the ideology,” He wrote.

  • BillyHW

    This time we’ll do socialism right!

    • Like the NDP Socialist Caucus meant it to be!

      • Exile1981

        Notley andvturdeau long to follow in pol pots footsteps.

    • Maurice Miner

      There is no doubt that Trump is a Big Gov kinda guy.

      Unfortunately, he is coming through as the best of a bad, bad, bunch of bananas.

      Not a good outcome.

  • luna

    Bernie is not Machiavellian, Trump maybe.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Trump is serving the market.

      • luna

        I worry Trump serves no one but himself, fine for business, but not for public service.

        I’m beginning to think perhaps, just maybe Trump might not be so bad, perhaps it’s just the way he presents himself.

        Either way, I think he’s making promises he can’t keep.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Trump is getting hit from both sides.
          That has to tell you something.

        • V10_Rob

          Clinton is in it for the money. Regardless of how her 4-8 years in office goes, she is going to be raking in billions in favors.

          Trump’s in it for his ego. He wants to be remembered as a great president, which means he has to succeed as president, not merely be elected to the office (there are plenty of reviled failures who were president).

          • luna

            Being motivated by ones who is no guarantee of “success”. Without a better understanding of what Trump believes, it’s not even clear what a successful presidency looks like to him.

          • V10_Rob

            Oh he could be a total disaster, if he gets caught up in his own hype and forgets he needs to produce results. Not unlike a certain contemporary president.

            He’ll be remembered by history as one of the worst president ever, and that blow to the ego will be far more deadly than anything his opponents could inflict, and it will come from his own hand.

            Only Trump can destroy Trump. And he may yet succeed.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I work with socialists and never tire of mocking their ideology with real world examples of the results of socialism.

  • lolwut?
  • QiPo

    “American Betrayal” Diana West
    “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers
    “Blacklisted by History” by M Stanton Evans.
    Anything Lt. Gen. Ion Mihaly Pacepa has written.
    All Americans can self educate starting with this three + volumes as a core set for understanding who really won WWII…if we aren’t careful.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course Berntards are communists. Communism died as a world movement before they were born. No one can point to it today. So they idealize it.