Islamic State files leak: The ‘good British Christian’ who turned to jihad

A British jihadist killed while fighting for Isil in Syria was a “good Christian boy” who fell in with a gang and turned to radical Islam inside a UK prison, his mother has said.

The full story of Fasil Towalde’s short life can be told for the first time after his Isil recruitment forms and those of thousands of other fighters were leaked.

  • dukestreet

    Unless Muslims are threatening to kill Christians with death unless they convert,while they are in British prisons, I question if these converts are simply inherited the name Christian, from family, rather than have a personal commitment to Christ themselves. I would think these guys didn’t really know what Christians really believe. It would be unlikely they would apostatize from Christianity to Islam otherwise. Any Christian who studies the Scriptures as is needed for Christian faith,would certainly do the same to the Koran etc. They would discover the Koran is not a book worth following.