How Britain deports the wrong people – and only the wrong people

For once it seemed that we were getting tough. Our patience had apparently snapped. We had been worn down by the constant news stories about foreigners whom the UK government was unable to deport — the child rapists, the fraudsters, the thieves, the gangsters, the jihadis who want us all dead, and just your plain old common-or-garden illegal residents. It always seemed that the more vile and murderous the individual and the more misery he or she intended to wreak upon the rest of us, the more likely they were to be given leave to stay here by some idiotic judge. But Myrtle Cothill was a bridge too far. When the Home Office read the case of Cothill they knew something had to be done, sharpish. So for once they acted with ruthless rapidity and decisiveness: Cothill was told, in no uncertain terms, that she must get on a plane within four days — the Home Office stipulated a Tuesday morning — and return from whence she came.

Get out and stay out.

  • k1

    bit like the ….
    Revenue Canada financial sweetheart DEAL made with Canadian Elite TAX Dodgers
    anyone who looks likely to put up a COSTLY LEGAL BATTLE=gets a pass
    …saves Tax payer $$$$$$$ though
    …the criminal wins

  • simus1

    If you are tight religion wise and friends of friends of friends also “outreach wise” with a muslim regime that might deign to buy some military toys, airliner engines, or treasuries from time to time, your way can no doubt be smoothed without a fuss. It is just a question of “doing business” vs “doing nobodies”.

  • Joy Freiheit

    I believe the UK rulers, and their servants the police and border control, are cowards only capable of harassing women and peace-loving men, not brave and strong enough to deal with really dangerous people. I despise such cowards.