Donald Trump vs. Tumblr Witches

witchy pooIt would seem that Donald Trump faces his greatest foe ever! To whit: A bunch of “witches” on Tumblr

  • Gary

    H.R. Puffinstuff .

    Sadly , Jack Wild and Davy Jones died around the same time and had both been the Artful Dodger in the Stage Play of Oliver twist .
    Wild had been in the Londons version while Jones was in the New York broad way version.
    Jones was on Ed Sullivan the same night as the Beatles in 1964 .

  • Exile1981

    So the twitter witches are planning on using curses and hexes against Trump…. but that’s not against the Twitter comity of public safety?

    They need to be careful were they do this as using witchcraft against someone is still illegal in some states.

    Secondly the witches claim in doing no harm and being peaceful is about to die on the vine.

  • simus1

    If they were real witches they would be totally aware that Trump is a very powerful warlock and for carrying on as they have, they are the doomed ones.