China’s Government Will Now Decide Who Is Allowed To Be Reincarnated…


In China, it’s not easy to become a “living Buddha.” First come the years of meditation and discipline. Then comes the bureaucracy.

“The highest level of living Buddhas must be approved by the central government,” Phurbu Tsering, the abbot of Sera Monastery near Tibet’s capital, Lhasa, said at a meeting of China’s rubber-stamp legislature on Monday. “Other Living Buddhas must be approved by local governments.”

  • Martin B

    You don’t have to go to Tibet to find people who want government to decide everything for everyone, there are plenty of them right here at home.

  • luna

    Chinese government plans to choose Dalai Lama successor, and thereby control the Tibetan people.

  • Lol! This is so funny. Totally absurd.

    China was once a great center of Buddhism, especially Chan (Zen).