Russia ‘trying to destabilise’ Germany by stoking unrest over migrants, warn spy chiefs

Russia is trying to destabilise Germany by fuelling tensions over migrants through its ‘easily influenced’ Russian-German population, the country’s intelligence chiefs have warned.

In a secret meeting with German politicians, the head of Germany’s internal intelligence agency Hans-Georg Maaßen and Guido Müller, deputy head of the country’s foreign intelligence, warned that there was a particular danger that Moscow would exploit the “high mobilisation potential” of Germany’s Russian community, of which there are around 2 million.

They said that this section of the population is easily influenced by Russia into demonstrating in Germany, citing protests by thousands of Germans of Russian descent in January over the alleged rape of a 13-year-old Russian-German girl, reported newspaper Bild.

Sounds more like Merkel is looking for a scapegoat…

  • Millie_Woods

    I agree that the Germans have a problem with a certain population’s ‘high mobilization potential’. But it’s not Russians that are the problem.

    • JEng

      Germans and Russians didn’t mix in the melting pot of expats in Beijing – they acted like they didn’t see each other while consorting with the same groups.

      I think they understand each other really well – the Cold War meant that Russia dominated all that Nazi-fied territory between Germany and Russia and prevented Germany from influencing those weakened countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – so Russia played the heavy but probably saved those countries from becoming quasi German.

      and Russia LOOKS like it could be a bully – but they have this charm, right? I’m not comfortable with the anti semitism. I guess there might be a streak there that would flower if not starved.

      One thing – their songs are okay (better in the Russian language) but clearly from Marc Almond’s English versions – not serial killerish – that’s not the case with German songs – the lyrics to Good Bye Johnny are a sign of darkness also a cold REALISTIC intelligence of a lack of attractiveness to the other person.

      I know a German American songwriter who has really leveraging lyrics that also indicate a calculation and an unvoiced awareness of their own unattractiveness.

      Russians still seem at least okay. I BELIEVE the authenticity of emotion in their movie Stalingrad. The unsung cavalry in BOTH world wars initiated by the same Weeping Angel.

  • Yeah, that must be it.

    I don’t under-estimate Russia’s sphere of influence but no one needs the Bear to stoke anti-migrant feeling. The migrants are doing a fine job as it is.

  • FactsWillOut

    If there’s anyone you can trust, it’s the spy chiefs.
    Especially the ones who work for governments attacking their own people with jihadists.
    Another salient difference between Russia and the West.
    The western governments attack their own people with jihadists, by design.
    The Russians, in the face of jihad, have allowed their citizens to carry guns (including handguns) explicitly for the purpose of self defense.

    Game, set and match to Putin.

  • G

    Merkel may be looking for a scapegoat but the gutless German “news” media are more than willing to help her with that.

    ‘Cuz as we all know, middle eastern and and african refugees are just helpless women & infants fleeing for their lives.

    • JEng

      no, she could be write that the Russians see an opportunity to stir up some shizz.

      Feld hure tattoos last a lifetime as intended after all.

  • Sid Falco


  • lolwut?

    I hope they are, the Russians can teach them a few things about balls.

  • Shebel

    I wonder whom Justin will apologize to next week?

  • WalterBannon

    a merkel disinformation campaign to distract the public’s attention from her

  • As you said: “Sounds more like Merkel is looking for a scapegoat…”

    • JEng

      Germans are serious underminers and saboteurs – that’s the Vril, right? Chinese whispers, sexual molestation, the works, nothing is too bad to use to gain access to the Aga Khan or the British Royal Family. Look at how many Germans married other heads of state – that’s their attitude.

      So they would be able to spot it when it was being done to them. 🙂

      Unless they really like the delivery system of the poison – then …tsk, tsk.

      • JEng

        I don’t believe their love doesn’t wear off and their true natures and alertness return to the fore.

        So watch out.

        Or MOVE.

  • simus1

    Suppose they would lose their jobs if they leaked the reality behind trying to keep crazy Merkel out of sight in her cage.