Jihadis returning to Quebec out of reach for de-radicalization centre

Montreal’s centre for de-radicalization just got an additional $500,000 last week from the provincial government – another vote of confidence in its ability to prevent radicalization and help rehabilitate those who have become engaged in extremist violence of one form or another.

But absent from its list of clients are the very people who may pose the biggest threat to themselves and society at large: the returnees.

On Monday, CSIS director Michel Coulombe revealed that about 60 Canadians have returned to Canada after joining extremist groups abroad. They include two of the eight youths who left Montreal for Syria in January 2014.

  • ontario john

    I know this sounds Islamophobic, but shouldn’t these savages be in prison? At least when Harper was PM, these nutjobs would have lost their citizenship and be deported. But then Harper is evil.

  • QiPo

    Rehab? LOL! I point you, as one example, to the work of Nicolai Sennels. He found out the hard way that this is not in the realm of reason. An utter further waste of resources. Buh-bye to another 1/2 Mil.

  • Halal Bacon

    De-radicalization in Quebec, isn’t that locking up/brainwashing people who want to put up a sign in English or speak it in public?