GTA hospital didn’t notify police about allegations seniors had been sexually assaulted

“I asked them, ‘Did you notify police, did you file a report?’ They said, ‘No. We are not mandated to,'” said the woman, who CBC News is identifying only as T.C. to protect her mother’s identity.

I wonder why…

  • Maggat

    Um, funny name, any idea as to here he may be from and his religious convictions? I wonder.

  • The perp, Shojaadin Mohammad-Zadeh, sounds Muslim. Why didn’t they report him to the police? Probably because they were afraid he would take revenge on them (Mulsims being violent by nature), and the police would do nothing to protect them. So they sicked him on another hospital or institution, where he could sexually abuse other seniors to his heart’s content.

    • That’s racist!

    • H

      Canadian society sickens a little more with every Muslim brought into this country ….

  • David Murrell

    “I don’t want him to be near me any more. He is an animal ” — one elderly victim said. Aha! The victim might be nailed for bing Islamophobic.

  • FactsWillOut

    The people involved should have told the police.
    If I go to a nurse, and say “So and so assaulted me”, I’m an idiot.
    They have phones in hospitals.

  • Allan

    My middle name isn’t “Mohammed”, so I probably would have been reported and jailed immediately.

  • Waffle

    “In one of the ITOs, Const. Couture wrote she believed a manager “refused to acknowledge [the assaults] were sexual in nature because she is fearful of civil liability.”

    So Mohammed gets a pass?