Did the Crusades intensify the Jihad?

One of the more pernicious and prevalent post-9/11 myths is that one of Islam’s most fundamental concepts, jihad, has been distorted by “violent extremists” who have “hijacked the religion.” In this fairy-tale view, jihad is above all a struggle for self-betterment that al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, Boku Haram, and others have twisted and deformed. Mourad of Smith College and Lindsay of Colorado State University provide an excellent antidote to this ahistorical nonsense by offering a serious primer on the historical codification of jihad and its subsequent application in response to the Crusaders.

  • Brett_McS

    I think it would be worthwhile to do Crusades again in order to settle this important historical question.

  • G

    Academics sitting on their lazy asses counting angels on pinheads. Go find a useful job professor. I hear McDonald’s is hiring.

  • Exile1981

    The crusades stopped Jihad as it taught the muslims Europeans and Christians would fight back. Now they know we won’t and that is why the global jihad is on the up swing.

  • Chatillon

    “Did The Crusades Intensify The Jihad?”

    Finding themselves at the business end of a Crusader’s sword intensified the jihad experience for many a Muslim, I would imagine.