Shorter CBC & Toronto Star: Love Pedophiles Hate Stephen Harper

I, Pedophile dares to empathize: Knelman

Matthew Campea knew it wouldn’t be easy to persuade viewers to welcome pedophiles into their living rooms. Yet I, Pedophile is so riveting and enlightening, you can’t stop watching it. It premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. on CBC’s doc series Firsthand.

Campea’s goal, bound to be controversial, was to bring empathy to troubled men who rarely get any.

“No other part of the population goes through such demonization and witch-hunts,” the 28-year-old director told me when I met him at a midtown café.


They even find a way to demonize Stephen Harper and express hope that good Prince Justin will help the Pedophiles out…

Part of the story takes place in Germany. But there’s a sad aspect of the film that exposes something unsettling about Canada during the Harper era.

An organization called Circles of Support and Accountability deals with sex offenders who have been released from prison — providing them with support to help them avoid reoffending.

The idea of offering support to sex offenders may seem bizarre, but it worked, delivering a large decline in the recidivism rate.

The organization was largely dependent on federal funding. But in 2014, alas, the federal government cancelled its support. According to Campea, the organization is still operating, but in a reduced capacity.

If Justin Trudeau happens to watch this compelling doc, he might consider restoring the funding.

Just the latest effort by the media to normalize pedophilia.

  • John Boy

    Kathleen and Justin sitting in a tree,
    Watching Bennie diddle a tween.

  • mauser 98

    “I, Pedophile is so riveting and enlightening,”

    “If Justin Trudeau happens to watch this compelling doc, he might consider restoring the funding.”
    ….since when does BoyBlunder have to be compelled to piss money?

  • Gary

    It was CAMH that petitioned the Wynne to make pedophilia and mental illness from birth and thus a Disability that is protected in the Charter of Rights.
    The TDSB endorses the male nudity at PRIDE while they now have the homoerotic sex-ed designed by Wynne’s buddy Ben Levin that convicted pedophilia and kiddie porn producer.

    Justin and the CBC will normalize it to appease muslims so that their prophet is not mocked for having sex with a 9 year old girl when he was 54.
    According to CAMH, pedophilia should not be a crime until a child is harmed.

    Wynne has surrounded her self with like minded gays while the TDSB is giving them access to young children to groom for the adult2child romance.
    Now that Blair is a MP under Trudeau, it makes sense for why he refused to enforce the federal law that protected children from predators in public. .

    • They do seem to have a penchant for the deviant.

      • Exile1981

        Why are so many liberal party members convicted for pediphilia? It’s become so common it seems like being one is mandatory to join the LPC…

        • Canadian

          It`s considered normal in justin`s religion, so the party has to follow.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Remember the days when all the boys were shit scared of getting charged with statutory rape?

  • Maggat

    Well let’s face it. With the Trudeau race to repopulate Canada with the followers of islam we will have to get used to pedophilia and learn to celebrate it.

    Although I cannot square the circle around the fact that little boys are male, as are grown men. That seems to indicate that homosexuality is OK. If so then why in the hell is that bunch of perverts murdering gays in the most unimaginable ways possible?

    Christ, I just can’t reconcile for the life of me.

  • Well, Justin did sit next to Ben Levin and he IS going to the gay parade (as opposed to the Canada Day ceremonies, I imagine)….

  • It is part of the ongoing ‘sexual revolution’. There’s been efforts for years in the Netherlands to legalize pedophilia. They also want to legalize incest and zoophilia. It will doubtless happen, they way things are heading. The leftists work on the population over years or decades, as they did and are still doing with sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, homo marriage, homo adoption, trans stuff, and lately, Islamic practices. The media hammer their message into people’s heads day after day, schools and academe work on pupils and students in depth, forming their opinions from an early age, politicians plead the cause, etc. At the end it happens.

  • Kell

    “…but it worked, delivering a large decline in the recidivism rate.”??? No, what worked was having their buttholes stretched out to enormous sizes by Bubba and the boys of Cell Block C…B…D…E…etc!
    Inmates have kids, too! Which is why peds and rapists (inmates also have mothers, sisters, aunts, too) don’t do so well inside the Walls, payback is a bitch inside!
    …again, wood chippers and cat fish comes to mind!

    • G

      This post is quite true. Sexual perverts fear prison above anything else. On the outside they are protected by a gutless society. Inside the walls they are in a different society. One that actually enforces codes of behaviour.