Our American friend: It’s not easy always being right

Yes, our American friend, the Political Animal, last heard from while calling the shots pretty well on the Saturday slaughter last weekend, is now Twitterless for a brief period and free to give us the lowdown:

Donald Trump won massive, deep and wide victories in Mississippi and Michigan last night, coming in first in both states. In each, Ted Cruz and John Kasich battled for second. But the talk in America last night was of the continuing political transformation caused by Trump.

He won Mississippi evangelicals and the heralded Reagan democrats of Michigan in the same night. And again with the litany: he won the educated, the less educated, the higher income, the lower. By now readers know the drill. Women, men, minorities.

Rubio is annihilated and can only limp to Florida where he likely will come in third. This is his home state. He’s the state’s junior senator. He’s over.

Ted Cruz was Idaho, a rural primary state, while Trump won Hawaii which held a caucus. His net delegate gain was sufficient to keep him on track to secure 1,237 delegates, the number needed for nomination.

I don’t see how the plans to derail the convention and deny Trump the nomination can possibly gel after tonight. The upcoming states are equally hostile to Ted Cruz while being somewhat more amenable to Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Trump held a press conference at his luxury, garish resort in Florida. Off to one side of the podium there was a strange array: steaks (yes, as in meat), bottled water, bottles of wine and magazines. He held forth thanking the voters for his wins and then extolled his products that Mitt Romney had disparaged in the last week. They still existed, thank you. It was infomercial and victory speech with questions from the press at the end. Not for the first time with Trump, no one knew what they were watching.

But America was transfixed. How do I know this?

Not one network broke away to cover Hillary Clinton’s remarks on her Mississippi victory. Not one and this Trump event went on for more than an hour.

Trump very shrewdly called for unity in the Republican Party and said he could work with a number of people whom he then proceeded to name.

He also addressed taking on Hillary Clinton in the general and left no doubt that the Iraq war and the catastrophic intervention in Libya would be front and center. Clinton is, in fact, a terribly weak general election candidate and this will become clearer as the year proceeds.

The proverbial bottom line is that the elections last night make a Trump/Kasich ticket quite probable. Kasich knows DC and the ways of that cesspool (he used to be in Congress) and is the current governor of the important swing state of Ohio.

Establishment panic may be giving way to some sort of establishment acceptance. Next week’s contests will likely show whether I’m right in that regard or not.

Reality check from Denyse: So much to reflect on.

<em>coffee</em> cup with moustache by thegreatmoustache on DaWanda.com Preparing to disable the Animal’s Twitter feed (for a period consistent with his continued existence, of course), I reflected on two things I observed in the 2012 election cycle:

I only saw brief snatches of the GOP debates, but was overwhelmed by the impression that these people had already accepted their cultural irrelevance.

I mean here were the GOP elite fawning and catering to the bimbettes, male and female, of Airhead TV, later whining about not getting fair play.

The bimbettes are in the tank for progressive government, as we all know, and for the most obvious reason: In the age of the internet the citizens are the true fourth estate. The bimbettes are just flowers on the progressive elite’s cake. Not very expensive flowers any more, from what one can gather from the tidal wave of financial losses the companies that employ them are sustaining.

The Republican Party, as such, deserves to go extinct for having taken this long to figure that out.

Trump came along and figured it out in a couple of seconds (because he is a buccaneer): Most folk don’t care any more what Bimbette thinks. She can’t make us feel better about ourselves for agreeing with her. We are on the internet while she is screeching from somewhere.

Second, I knew it was over when Mitt Romney apologized for pointing out the obvious: That people who don’t pay federal income taxes would not vote for him.

Not only is that true, it is a fundamental truth, not an incidental one.

Had he been a serious candidate on behalf of the people he would have stopped the show right there and said, yes and we aim to change that. If you want real jobs, vote for me.

But he wasn’t that kind of a man. He was the candidate of the donorcrats who like things as they are. High US unemployment/social dependency, waves of migrants and legal foreign workers, most good non-high-tech jobs with the government, more and more crackdowns and clampdowns to avoid “offending” the ‘crats’ proteges (people whose wishes or needs advance bureaucrat power).

And so, Romney lost to Obama, who unashamedly promises fake shovel-ready jobs and increases social welfare. That is at least a safe position for the voter who is leaderless on the other side.

The voter won’t win but won’t starve either.

Anyway, Romney’s loss was the next hundreds of billions in the bank for the new global elite, including the GOP donor class. And social ruin for North America, which depends on a broad non-government-employed middle class.

The American middle class may be doomed but they are showing that they need not vote for it They can at least offer a protest vote. One that it is getting harder to just sneer at.

Note: High tech, sensing trouble, is starting to weigh in against Trump. Stay tuned.

Breaking, breaking!! Two ghosts of Hitler got into a row at a Trump rally, and Ghostbusters had to be called in to vacuum.)

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