On Not Forgetting Molly Norris

In Argentina, in the time of the right-wing generals, many Argentinians were made to “disappear” – that is, they were killed for their political views, often in such grisly ways as being thrown out of airplanes. They became known, in Spanish, as “los desaparecidos” (“the disappeared ones”). But there is another set of “los desaparecidos” — people who all over the advanced Western world, that world which prides itself on its protection of free speech — have been threatened with death because of what they dared to say or write about Islam, and have been forced to go into permanent hiding, changing their identities, “disappearing themselves.”

  • Anglian Reed

    You can hear Mark Steyn refer to Molly’s disappearance in the first 5 or 6 minutes of his speech in Copenhagen last year, but the whole address is worth watching.


  • Very good piece. Even Trump hasn’t mentioned this young woman — does he know? Would he have the guts? A pretty good free speech “litmus test” for all of the candidates, including the Dems, imo. And it should be the job of the Media to raise the question of Molly at the debates, for both Parties.

  • Minicapt

    Actually … “Molly Norris” was her pen name, which she dropped when the kerfuffle occurred. She changed to one or two other pen-names and continues to work as a progressive artist in the Seattle area.


  • tom_billesley

    I found Mohammed