‘Israel must be wiped out’: Iran launches two missiles with threat written on them

Iran has launched two missiles with ‘Israel must be wiped out’ written on the side in Hebrew as the country continues to ignore criticism over its ballistic weapon tests.

The rockets were test-fired in Iran’s eastern Alborz mountain range in a new show of force by the Islamic Republic as US Vice President Joe Biden visited Israel.

Such phrases have been emblazoned on missiles fired before by Iran – but the latest test comes after the country recently signed a nuclear deal with world powers, including America. It also comes a day after the country carried out a similar launch.

  • Gary

    Now that the Federal and Onrtario Liberal’s are on the side of ISIS and islamists, will we see Wynne and Justin at this years Al-Quds rally at Queen’s Park joining in the calls for Sharia in Canada to sanction hanging queers, flogging women and have the child-bride pedophilia so that some of the shia men can finally have sex with a human.