Facebook’s Zuckerberg calls on Supreme Court to let illegal immigrants work

America needs to grant 11 million illegal immigrants legal right to work in this country, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others told the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday.

“The failure of our political system to make progress on modernizing our nation’s immigration system has made it harder for U.S. businesses to compete in the global marketplace,” says the “friends of the court” brief to the highest court in the land. The missive was signed by Zuckerberg and more than 60 U.S.-based employers, business leaders and organizations, including LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Dropbox exec Aditya Agarwal, prominent VC investor Jeremy Levine, American Apparel, and Taquería El Rincón Mexicano in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What a pig.

  • bargogx1

    Zuckerberg is salivating over all that cheap labour.

    • It is sickening.

    • V10_Rob

      Hey, somebody has to do the jobs Americans won’t, right? All those fresh-faced tech students would rather slit their wrists than land a job at Facebook, right?

    • tom_billesley

      More morlocks….
      Will Zuckerberg make a tasty Eloi?

  • BillyHW

    Jews like Zuckerberg give the anti-Semites ammunition.

    • John

      That’s unfair. There are many conservative Jews who don’t share Zuckerberg’s views at all. Pam Geller certainly comes to mind. And there are a number of French Jews who oppose open immigration and who’ve paid a professional price for saying so.


      Zuckerberg is far more a spoiled brat than a Jew, one who thinks he has a right to direct world affairs.

      • BillyHW

        Right, so Zuck’s douchebaggery gives the anti-Semites ammunition to hate the good Jews, because last I checked anti-Semites don’t think logically.

        Your reading comp is a little off.

      • 3MileLimit

        Those conservative Jews, no matter what country they live in, never call out and shame those leftist, destructive Jews, though. Why would that be, I wonder? Hmmm.

    • 3MileLimit

      Disliking the politics that the Jewish tend to lean toward isn’t anti-semitism, it’s disliking their politics and unpatriotic values.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    The illegal immigrants that DON’T work but still leech off the taxpayer are a bigger part of the problem.

    • 3MileLimit

      And don’t pay taxes even when they do work.

  • Maggat

    Good grief, did Angela blow him?

  • xavier

    My question why the he’ll does he need so many? Is his mansion so big that he needs that many landscapers,pool cleaner drivers and nannies?

  • Schmuckerberg is a piece of garbage.

  • canminuteman

    Some people just don’t believe in the concept of the nation state. They’re in for a surprise when they find out everyone they are letting in does and the U.S. has been broken up into hundreds of ethnic self governing enclaves, the things we used to call countries.

  • tom_billesley

    Faceplant Zuckerberg

  • simus1

    Making slavery lawful again would quickly kill several birds with one stone.
    Big time rent seekers and muslims could be grandfathered and given special perks to avoid “double taxation” of their slaves or the products made or grown by same.

  • pdxnag

    Let Mark Zuckerberg move to Mexico. Let him build a beachhead there for his global marketplace.

  • k1

    With SO many people in the USA OUT OF WORK …
    there seems to be no shortage of bodies to do work…
    Perhaps, Mark could start running his own classes to teach people living in TENT CITIES how they can benefit his work place and THUS do a HUMANITARIAN thing to get USA citizens out of TENT CITIES and back into their homes that they lost due to BAD USA GOV’T PRACTICES/OVERSIGHT
    In the old days …
    people arrived on boats and…
    employers were struggling to find people to work so…
    they actively went to the boats as they came in and …
    offered to train people as they got right off the boats! …
    times have changed!…
    now we have to look at the INWARD MESS and …
    train the loads of citizens already struggling to make a living….
    or is Zuckerberg saying USA citizens are not worthy of humanitarian outreach…?

  • Curious this world.

    We see all kinds of actions to follow the regulations of a place in social networks, and in every aspect of life.

    And then it turns out, that, the indomitable owner of a company known as Facebook-, promotes the illegal and criminal activity, since it is said that you want workers illegal ¡ !, with all that implies.

    We therefore is striking and curious the proposal.

    This is one more proof that the West will win the final battle, since it is in favor of the sense of human logic.

    However, however, perhaps the friend millionaire has not thought to bring their physical domains to other countries, and thus legally contract, and also not to harm the workers of other nations. Perhaps the latter idea has not been well received in the governments of developing countries as they do not allow the workers to charge equal to Westerners in these non-Western countries.