European nihilism opens the door and Islam steps in

Europeans do not see a future for themselves so have no reason to resist an Islamic takeover.

Several years ago, Sociology professor at the University of Louvain, and member of the Royal Academy of Belgium, Felice Dassetto published a new book entitled “The Iris and the Crescent”, in which he showed that Islam is becoming the most practiced belief system in Belgium, eclipsing Christianity.

  • Islam spells death and destruction for Europeans and Europe.

    • H

      I’d be curious to know what Europe will actually be like when it under slips fully under the yoke of Islam. Will it be at all different than corrupt, unfree, violent backwaters like Pakistan or Bangladesh? Or will it be perhaps a little less degraded and ruined … along the lines of Lebanon or Indonesia, perhaps? It is a detached, clinical curiousity, of course on my part: I have no desire to actually experience Islamic Europe firsthand.

      • I expect there will be stages. First, blood and tears, à la ISIS. Then, settling down and getting organized (slavery, harems, etc.). Then, centuries of societal immobility, with gradual disappearance of the original population (as with the Copts of Egypt). History is full of examples of Islamic conquest and colonization. No need for imagination, just read some history books.

      • Sid Falco

        Lebanon is only “less” degraded because Islam has held sway there for a shorter period of time – ever since the fucking idiots let the fakestinians in after Jordan booted the scum out in “Black September 1970”. Their reward – it was no longer a suitable location for James Bond movies and a civil war.

        • John

          Up until the 70s Muslims were still a minority in Lebanon. Now they comprise about 63% of the population and as a result deterioration has really set in.

          • Njp Thompson

            in 2000 when I was last in Greece, it was already loaded with Christians fleeing the Middle East who had been cleared out of Palestine and Iraq already. One feels sorry until one realizes the effect it has on the receiving nations–protests, freeloading (they don’t have the Western work ethic where work is the majority of our lives) , and eventually crime against the same people who “took them in”. The World just doesn’t need more people…anywhere.

      • Njp Thompson

        It will be destroyed. Cathedrals and Museums will be the first to be damaged, They will move to government buildings and public spaces like train stations and parks. There will be no theatre, music, film, art or outdoor activities. No sports. There will be a lot of blood letting as people vainly fight back until there is no choice but to nuke the continent’s cities in order to stop them from continuing toward North America. If there is anywhere you have n’t been which you need and want to see before the next war, now is a good time to go.

  • John