Donald Trump Takes 3 States – Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan Primary

Donald J. Trump easily dispatched his Republican rivals in the Michigan and Mississippi presidential primaries Tuesday and won the Hawaii caucuses, regaining momentum in the face of intensifying resistance to his campaign among party leaders.

Senator Bernie Sanders scored an upset win in the Michigan Democratic primary, threatening to prolong a Democratic campaign that Hillary Clinton appeared to have all but locked up last week.

Mrs. Clinton lost badly in Michigan among independents, showed continued weakness with working-class white Democrats, and was unable to count on as much of an advantage with black voters as she had in the South.

GOP Should Use Trump, Not Abuse Trump

Maybe it’s because I’m a latecomer to Republicanism, having first pulled the R lever in 2003 for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the California recall election, but I’m confused. I thought one of the first duties, if not the first duty, of a political party was to win. If you don’t win, everything else, every policy, every theory, every idea, is air.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hillary was touting she was the Black Messiah. I guess there are no black people in Michigan……..

  • The Butterfly

    Bernie Sanders knows that the way to win a Democratic nomination is to promise the most free stuff.

  • Mark DeFord Eletion

    “I thought one of the first duties, if not the first duty, of a political party was to win.”

    I can think of several reasons why the traditional Republicans don’t like Trump.

    1. His opinions and ideas are too different from traditional Repub thinking.

    2. He’s his own man. He can’t be controlled by party leaders, doesn’t depend on them for campaign funds, and will, after the election, have enough influence to control the Republican party and change it to suit his liking.

    3. The real owners of both major political parties in the US are some very rich arabs. After Trump is elected, the money and favors pipeline will be shut off. Top politicians of both parties who have spent a lot of time over the past years in arab hot tubs with underage slave girls or boys will be kicked loose by their arab masters.

    • V10_Rob

      The GOP backroom and their donors can still get most (if not all) of what they want if Hillary wins, so a Republican electoral loss is just a speed bump, not a dead end.