Barbara Kay: Flattening feminism’s campus myths

On the occasion of a prestigious award in her field last month, associate professor Elena Bennett in McGill University’s Natural Resources Sciences and School of Environment was interviewed by the Montreal Gazette on the subject of women and science.

Bennett focused on the well-documented post-undergrad career stall for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). She attributes the gender disproportion at the high end — U.S. women comprise about 20 per cent of tenure track positions in math, 12 per cent in physics and 10 per cent in electrical engineering — to systemic misogyny, high-intensity work environments and a lack of support for mothers. Her solution: more research grants for women, no late-afternoon meetings and fewer committee obligations.

  • David

    High intensity work environments, imagine that. If we all just took a more laid back approach we could have the same quality workmanship as the third world. Now theres some cultural appropriation for you.

  • WalterBannon

    lack of math skills and no critical thinking skills are the reason why less women are in science.

    I should note that associate professor Elena Bennett in McGill University’s School of Environment is probably not a scientist if she has anything to do with green climate cult junk science.

  • Clausewitz

    Somewhere at this very moment a talking Barbie Dolls string has been pulled and it’s saying “Math is Haarrrdd”.

  • Gary

    I watched a debate show on TV and it was a male Rights gay guy against a Lesbian feminist .
    At the end the lesbian came across as a real nut case and man-hater that blamed all her short coming on men , except gay men .
    She wanted a better workplace with job security so the women can raise a family . Right , that’s why Corporations were formed to lose money by hiring people for a good salary and then have them become a parent that leave for 2 years with all the benefits while a part time employee fills in for them .

    Anyway , they both looked at the World through their Rainbow glasses and couldn’t see how good they had it to get jobs over STR8 people and be able to file Human Rights complaints.