Watch this movie it’s good

This is a seriously good movie, and you should watch it. Far from being a booster of Canadian Content, I am embarrassed by most Canadian writers and film makers and etc. and I avoid them like the plague. Margaret Atwood, for example, is beyond a joke. Stop pretending like she’s an important writer.

There have been a few attempts to make movies out of Richler novels, but they generally suck. (This one has some good points, but not enough.) Duddy Kravitz however, is really good. (It came out a year before Jaws. Dreyfuss repeatedly tried to get Richler to do a sequel, but it never happened.)

  • It is a good flick. Richler is a treasure.

  • Waffle

    Hey, thanks for posting!!! This is some heavy nostalgia.

  • WalterBannon

    Margaret Atwood is painfully tedious. Canadian content in literature should have a trigger warning – read only if you want to kill some brain cells.

    • She’s awful. I have literally read some of her stuff and totally forgotten that I’d read it. Like I was killing time in someone’s living room and picked up a book of hers, and read around in it, and just blanked out on it afterwards. And then somehow re-read it and vaguely recognized it and wondered whom I could sue to get a few hours of my life back. But they tell us she’s a genius.

  • SDMatt

    1. Goin’ Down The Road

    Toronto is the early 70s – love it. Also, SCTV’s spoof is just as good.

    2. Face-off

    An Agincourt Studios production (seriously). Davey Keon, George Armstrong, Harold Ballard as the team doctor, Joe Sgro as himself, Paul Henderson cutting a rug at the team Christmas party.

    Yes I own a copy. No I’m not going to make a copy for you.

  • Gary

    Life’s a circle and how odd that Virgil seeks refuge in Canada while Randy Quaid actually seeks refuge in Canada and made a refugee claim in B.C. by a fear that there were Hollywood hit squads with him on the list.

    Around the 6:45 mark there was a a local drug store in 1964 that had the same wooden Telephone box in one of the corners of the store.
    By the end of the 1960’s Bell put the aluminium units in more areas on the streets to endure the weather and make more money when the stores were closed.
    If that was to be Montreal , my Dad was in the Military since 1942 and enlisted in Montreal where he never marched as the American’s do which was how Duddy marched at the start of the movie .

    This is how the troops from Canada marched.

    Yes, that’s Ricard Dawson from Hogan’s Heroes in the first row just aft Cliff Robertson .

  • To be fair, Joshua Then And Now isn’t all bad. James Woods is always value for money. The problem is that the novel doesn’t translate well to film, as most novels don’t, really, and CanCon rules meant that the female lead, while very pretty, was a lame actress with good family connections. A joke I assume Richler must have appreciated.