Syrian “Refugees” Being Subjected to Extremist Beliefs in Canada?

Newly arrived Syrian refugees are already being embraced by extremist groups in Canada. The Government of Canada appears to be doing little to nothing to steer such individuals away from extremist groups or guide them towards the path of integration.

The Muslim Association of Canada, which claims on its own website to be followers of Hassan al Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood, is already involved. The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928, is an Islamist group that believes their form of Islam should dominate all Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Their aim is a global caliphate that will dominate all others.

  • pdxnag

    Extremists? Those who deny the specialness of Mohammad.

    If all depends on your perspective.

  • ontario john

    I got news for you Turdeau, Syrians were Jew hating, West hating, fascists long before they came here. I met quite a few Syrians when I was stationed overseas, and they were taught from birth to hate our way of life. Mind you, when you bring three hundred thousand of them over here this year, they will quickly make Canada into another islamic shithole.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Aw, c’mon, be culturally sensitive. Can’t ya take a cue from our professional “sensitivity trainer”, i.e. PM Trudeau? *sarc*

  • Yo Mama

    A day without Islam is like a day without raping, beheading, burning and pillaging!

  • ontario john

    So Turdeau is celebrating women’s day by adding women to our money. Perhaps he will be replacing the Queen with Heather Mallick, his wife, or a muslim with a bag over her head. And the little dickhead is protecting his rich friends by having Revenue Canada not punish wealthy people who stash their money overseas. Course he is blaming Hitler Harper during question period.

    • Because he is, as you say, a….

      Well, you know what you said.

      A million updings.

  • Reader

    The first extremists who probably met with them and told them they could get away with anything they wanted here were probably the recruiters for the Liberal Party of Canada.

  • Gary

    Now that a Liberal Judge let Omar Khadr get out of jail and he was recently caught going back to contacting Al-Qaeda terrorists . He can teach the children of the jew-hating anti-west , homophobic , pro-sharia , muslim refugees that are coming in to build IED’s and remote bombs on the Subway system now that the TTC is installing WiFi in the tunnels.
    Thanks Justin , when Toronto has a Madrid style transit slaughter I’ll make sure you get all the credit for it so you don’t try to blame Harper .

  • john700

    We are exposed to extremism daily, if we watch North American TV programs: extreme homosexual propaganda, extreme communist propaganda, extreme feminist propaganda, etc.

  • ontario john

    CTV news is excited that an expensive 5 star resort in New Brunswick is going to house refugees. Yes, I and most Canadians can’t afford this resort but the liberals are using our tax money to house them there.

    • infedel


  • felis gracilis

    This is surprising to exactly no one who is not a congenitally deluded Liberal.

  • They came here as extremists.

    Nothing has changed.