Slovenia, Serbia move to close illegal alien invader route

EU member Slovenia on Tuesday announced all migrants without a valid Schengen visa would be denied entry as of midnight, a decision Serbia said, “practically closes the Balkan route.”

Concerned about “becoming a reception centre for refugees,” Serbia said it would align its policy by closing the border with Macedonia and Bulgaria to refugees and other migrants without valid EU visas.

  • ed

    the romanian border next door is fully open for 150 miles . then again there is no “FREE STUFF ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just saying

    • tom_billesley

      A migration emergency has been declared by the Hungarian government which has sent thousands of soldiers and police officers to the border over fears of escalating violence.
      Hungary’s minister of Interior, Sandor Pinter, said: “We don’t know how the migrants will react after closing the Balkan routes.”
      He said they can also build a fence on the Romanian-Hungary border in 10 days, if needed.

  • favill

    This time don’t bomb them when they start using machine-guns on the invaders. Interesting how twenty years ago there wasn’t a single burka to be seen in Yugoslavia…now there are burkas everywhere in Bosnia (the Muslim “nation”)–and many of the Muslim boys NATO saved in the 90s ended up in Afghanistan or Iraq fighting against NATO in the 2000s (they were the most hardcore combattants–the local Afghans for the most part would fire a magazine’s worth of ammo then leave the battle).

  • Dana Garcia

    The Balkans have already experienced Muslim diversity via Ottoman oppression and they don’t want a replay.