Pew: 48 percent of Israeli Jews want Arabs out of country

TEL AVIV (JTA) — Nearly half of Jewish-Israelis want to expel Arabs from the country.

That’s one of several findings from a new survey of Israeli attitudes on religion, politics and Jewish identity conducted by the U.S.-based Pew Research Center.

Coming just three years after Pew’s much-discussed study of Jewish-Americans, the Israel study depicts a country divided by religion and ethnicity, where Jews of opposing religious outlooks rarely associate and marriages that cross the Jewish-Arab divide almost never happen.

  • DMB

    For their sake it should be 100% of Israeli Jews wanting Arabs out of their country. After all it is that percentage in Arab countries that want Jews out of theirs. So really it is only fair if Israel would expel all Arabs.

    • I am surprised it’s so low!

    • Canadian

      What the hell is wrong with the rest of them?

      • Political correctness is a universal disease of the mind this century. It is a disease, because it is suicidal.

        • Canadian

          The Israelis should be the ones to find a cure.

          • The Israeli left is still in power in many ways.

          • Canadian

            Too bad!

  • Brett_McS

    The Palestabians are working as fast as they can to improve this percentage.

    • Who on earth would want them?

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Just stop issuing them marriage licences.

      • V10_Rob

        Not the various Arab states in the region, that rarely miss a chance to bemoan those poor, innocent, downtrodden Palestinians being ground beneath the wicked and unscrupulous Zionist jackboot.

        If every Israeli up and vanished tomorrow, and Palestinians raised their flag over that sliver of land, I’d give them a decade at the most before they were conquered outright (or at least rendered a vassal state with only token authority over itself) by their ‘brothers.’

  • Was it something they said?

    • Minicapt

      … aliens … just saying …


    • Hi, OK. Off-topic: I looked at the link you gave me a few days ago on North Korea. It does not answer my question to you – why is China supporting this flaky regime? Perhaps you would list some credible reason(s) for me.

      • China isn’t aiding North Korea (a country it helped create, I might add) because it desires world peace.

        What does China want with Spratley Islands?

        • What have the Spratly Islands have to do with North Korea?

          OK – I am not denying China is supporting NK, I am only wondering why? What is their motive? What do they gain from this (as against lose)?

          I have no thesis on the subject to defend. I am only asking for a credible (to my logical mind) thesis.

          I feel sorry for the NK people. This evil country is not their doing, but that of a Stalinist elite (a family dynasty) determined to hang on to their ill-gotten privileges. The SK people have, after much struggle, formed an admirable country, and would be very happy to integrate their northern brothers or cousins into it, and share its benefits with them.

  • The Arabs must be thrown out a.s.a.p. for Israel to survive. It’s simply obvious. Arabs are culturally and religiously unable to live in peace and respect with any neighbors.