‘People Like You Should Be Shot’: Muslim Taxi Driver Beat Up Gay Couple For Kissing In His Cab

A Muslim taxi driver in Vienna, Austria punched a gay man in the mouth during an altercation over what does and does not constitute acceptable public behaviour.

  • Waffle

    Aside from anything else, when you hire a cab is it really a “public place”;? If you want to smooch, isn’t that why you hired a cab in the first place (also aside from needing to get from A to B)? None of the pervy driver’s business. Shouldn’t have been peeking in the rv mirror. Fine and deport.

    • john700

      Western values, eh?

  • AmicusC

    im sure the gaystapo will be all over this rather than the usual crickets about these peace loving camel fornicators.

    • Gary

      My gut feeling tells me that Barbara Hall has already warned the gay community to get ready for the Pro-sharia homophobic 150,000 plus muslims refugees that Justin is bringing in and to avoid Provoking them .

      The media claimed that the Garland Texas Jihad attack by 4 peaceful muslism was because the Art contest and display relating to islam had Provoked them.
      Even Mr.Hooper from CAIR said that the event Provoked the muslims to do it. Finally Mr.Hooper admits that islam produces followers predisposed to riot , behead people or do Jihad acts like a mass slaughter.
      We all knew that after 9/11/01, but Hooper lied to say it had nothing to do with islam. I guess the 13 years since 9/11 and 26,000+ terrorism acts by muslims pretty well invalidated those claims to the media that islam was a religion of peace .

  • Quick!

    Where is the popular press on this?!