Overnight Thread…

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  • bob e

    awesome tune !!

  • Xavier

    Michael Bloomberg Rules Out White House Run
    The billionaire says a three-way race could lead to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives selecting Donald Trump.

    Yet the GOP is actively promoting Rubio and Romney.
    And people doubt they trying to sabotage the election.

  • tom_billesley

    Squirming socialist politician evades answering when pressed over her unfulfilled promise to take in a Syrian family.

  • ontario john

    CSIS is reporting that over 60 muslim terrorists are back in Canada after fighting overseas. No charges have been laid by the RCMP. That would be Islamophobic I guess. I’m sure we have nothing to worry about. This is Sunny Ways Canada.

    • Worse, they are reporting that they have disrupted nearly 2 dozen threats since last fall alone by unnamed groups.

  • ontario john

    Media and aid agencies have decided that the most important issue to raise during International Women’s Day, is pay equity. Yes, forget about islam killing, abusing, and persecuting women. That would be islamophobic. And Google celebrates Women’s Day by having on its cartoon logo a muslim girl with a bag over her head, reading the koran.