Hillary to Lose the FBI Primary

An analysis published Sunday in the Washington Post of the emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private server included emails Hillary herself sent that contained classified information. That she should have known the information she herself put in these emails should be classified, and having the power herself to classify them, puts the lie to her claim that she is innocent of wrongdoing because others did not mark them classified.

  • Brett_McS

    Her line about ‘not having any emails marked classified’ on her server is very precisely worded, in classic Clintonian-speak. The emails didn’t have the classified notices because her staff removed them before putting them on the server.

    • Evidently she also knew in advance that all email was considered “classified” whether stated or not.

    • luna

      I thought she claimed the emails she sent were not considered classified at the time she sent them. In other words some time after she sent them someone decided they should be classified.

      At any rate they should either charge her or clear her soon. The current situation is very awkward.

  • Clausewitz

    Another one of those great questions I want answered. What do the Clinton’s have on Obama in order to make sure he shuts down the FBI and the DOJ?

  • The big question is, why did she need an email server rather than use the official State Department system?

    There is virtually no advantage to having a server in her residence. And the numerous risks should have been clearly known. For God’s sake she is an attorney.

    What was she trying to do? What was she hiding? Does any, or have any, cabinet members ever had their own server?

    It is bad enough she broke the law. What were reasons why?

    May Trump win, and have the next AG roast her ass.

    • Clausewitz

      Because she had secrets to sell, and her “clients” needed easy access so all that money for the Clinton Foundation could be easily hacked, and Killery could still claim that she never sent secrets to anyone. After all this is from the family that claimed, “It all depends on what the word “is” is”.

      • El Martyachi

        You’re giving her too much credit, methinks. Just another Clintonian whimsy of tyranny.

        • luna

          I think she thought she was above the law, so far it looks like she was right.

          • May Trump win, and appoint an independent prosecutor to deal with Hillary.

            Hopefuly the end result would see her behind bars.

    • luna

      She obviously didn’t think this one through very well. But I think her decision had something to do with her knowing in a few years she’d be running for president.

      The decision to set up the email server was made before she started working at the state department, so it would have been before she had anything worth hiding.

  • Xavier

    At worst this will become a pissing contest between the FBI and DOJ.
    I know who wins that one – and hello President Hillary!