Are Russia’s 20 million Muslims seething about Putin bombing Syria?

Vladimir Putin looks like a winner in Syria these days. In just three short days, Russian air support for Syrian military forces helped expand Damascus’s control toward Aleppo, a feat that President Bashar al-Assad had not been able to accomplish for the past three years. Russia also became the main broker of the Syrian cease-fire.

But many observers have warned that Putin’s military campaign in Syria may backfire at home. Russia’s 144 million people include about 20 million Muslims; the overwhelming majority are Sunnis.

  • Sid Falco

    Again, we’re led to believe that ISIS are “nothing to do with Islam™” but every time someone is mean to them we’re told they’ll all go full jihad on us.

    Every single one of them is a threat.

    • Every time the “moderates” say its our foreign policy that causes ISIS the threat is of violence is implied.

  • Justin St.Denis

    20 million muslim Russians likely know about the hundreds of millions historically executed by prior Russian leaders. No biggie for Vlad…..

  • Where is Kadyrov?