Americans Really Don’t Like Immigration, New Survey Finds

Sixty-one percent of Americans agree that “continued immigration into the country jeopardizes the United States,” according to a new poll commissioned by management consulting firm A.T. Kearney that revealed pessimism across a wide range of issues.

The degree of concern is remarkable considering that the question was about all immigration, including the legal kind. Even Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he supports legal immigration into the U.S.

  • V10_Rob

    I think a major factor is the perception that Western generosity has been abused, by freeloaders and non-integrators. Those bad apples may be a statistical minority, but you can’t help feel the problem is growing. People can hold a grudge when they see that they’ve been played, especially if you rub their noses in it.

    The Great Recession hasn’t helped, either. “I’m out of a job, there’s less work to go around, so why are we bringing more people in?”

    • Free trade was a lie, it has benefited a few at the expense of most. These fraudulently packaged deals have cost many jobs both in the US and Canada because other countries do not play by the same rules as we do using tactics such as currency manipulation to make their countries more attractive to off shoring etc. Our Corporate Grands are only too happy to sell us out for a few more pieces of silver.

      Mass immigration ensures a compliant low cost labour pool. It’s a disgusting abuse of sovereignty and citizenship.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        The free market isn’t free, but requires constant policing to insure fairness and equity.

  • Trump: Close the boarders, and get us term limits. You will have a landslide.

  • The Butterfly

    If I wanted to live in Somalia, I would move there. Why is Somalia being brought to me?

  • Millie_Woods

    Immigration itself is not the problem. Uncontrolled immigration or ‘open borders’ and the introducton of predatory species into the ‘ecosystem’, both of which are leftist projects, are not even the problem, but rather only symptoms of the problem. The problem is the LEFT, period. Now that they have utterly destroyed the religious, social, cultural, moral and military pillars of western civilization, they are delivering the coup de grace by flooding our countries with people who can’t or won’t integrate into our traditional ways of life. Until the left is dealt with, we have no hope of fixing any of the problems facing us. Tme is running out, and I’m not hopeful.

  • Shebel

    Our Politicians pretend that they know what the climate will be in 30 years and the only way to Save the World is to tax the living Jesus out of working people.

    Maybe , they could tell us what Canada will look like if they keep bringing in people that Hate us ,Hate out Culture , Hate Christians , Hate Jews, Hate dogs and just plain hate.

    Screw the Planet. Save Canada.