Turkey Demands Europe Pay Double The Jizya Or They Set The Illegal Alien Horde Free

Turkey demands that the EU DOUBLES its offer of €3 BILLION in aid to stop letting migrants go straight through to the continent

Turkey is seeking an extra three billion euros in aid under a deal with the EU to curb the flow of migrants to the continent, European Parliament head Martin Schulz has revealed.

Under a stalled deal clinched in November, the EU has already pledged three billion euros (£2.3bn) to aid refugees on Turkish territory in return for Ankara’s cooperation in tackling Europe’s worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.

Although Turkey has complained it is yet to see any of these initial funds, a European source today said that if agreed, the extra money ‘would not be a blank check’ and would come with specific demands of the Turks.

  • BradThomas

    Look at all the children in the pictures – it’s almost as if they want people to believe that the migrants are 70% women and children, when in fact it’s 70% young, healthy males, according to the UN. But no, the media would never try to misrepresent the facts, would they?

    • That is a con they have been playing for awhile now.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      And Turkey wants to join the EU so they can flood Europe with Turks.

      • Observer

        How do you reestablish the Ottoman empire if you can’t invade Europe?

  • Hard Little Machine


    • IT wasn’t that bad;)

      • Hard Little Machine

        wrong tab

  • Ed

    Turkey has never been an ally. Seal the border. Stop pretending they’re “European” and be done with it.

    • They should.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Mine the Turkish ports of embarkation until they get the message.

  • Martin B

    Never trust a Turk.

  • Shebel

    Unleash the ‘unholy herds’.
    Once we remember how to KILL—
    Not even God will stop us.

  • Jay Currie

    To the shock and horror of the Euro-left and right thinkers everywhere, when Australia stopped letting people on boats jump the line and started putting them in places like Indonesia, the boats stopped coming.

    Cause meets effect.

  • G

    All right a story about Turket and migrant problem. All very good.

    But why do you have a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on your posting?

  • xavier

    Hi all

    The European leader’s will cave much to the disgust of Europeanshttp://www.vilaweb.cat/noticies/em-fa-fastic-veure-europa-somrient-davant-el-xantatge-del-govern-turc/

    If I were a European leader, I’d blow them off, tell them that if they tangle with the Russians they’really on their own.NATO ain’t coming. And to drive the knife up their guts, i’d recognize Kurdistan and then give refuge to Turkish Kurds.
    Watch Erogodan’s head explode. Yeah he’did try to flood Europe but then he’s gotta immediately worry about the Kurds.