Ticking Time Bombs Of The Ordinary

All around us, in our carefully fenced in politically correct culture and media, are ticking time-bombs of goodness, beauty, truth, and ordinary humanity. Books, art, thought, faith, architecture– terribly risky stuff. Ought to be banned. After all, at any time one might go off, and all of a sudden someone’s safe little SJW world is blown to smithereens.

  • Exile1981

    If Sander’s wins we will have mass book burnings in the first 6 months; if hillary wins it may take a year. I’m not sure a Trump or Cruz presidency can stop it at this point. I predict that a couple of universities will be the first to hld burnings of books that cause triggers and bad feelings and then it will spread…. quickly.

    • Scary, but the Universities are madhouses.

    • Jabberwokk

      If this happens, If it ACTUALLY happens, then no more Mr. nice guy. No more talking, no more games, no more exchange of ideas. It’s going to be me and mine vs them and I will show them no quarter.