Pakistani lawyers’ group behind spike in blasphemy cases

A little-known alliance of hundreds of lawyers in Pakistan is behind the rise in prosecutions for blasphemy, a crime punishable by death that goes to the heart of an ideological clash between reformers and religious conservatives.

The group, whose name translates as The Movement for the Finality of the Prophethood, offers free legal advice to complainants and has packed courtrooms with representatives, a tactic critics say is designed to help it gain convictions.

The stated mission of the Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Lawyers’ Forum and its leader Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry is uncompromising: to use its expertise and influence to ensure that anyone insulting Islam or the Prophet Mohammad is charged, tried and executed.

“Whoever does this (blasphemy), the punishment is only death. There is no alternative,” Chaudhry told supporters crammed into his small office behind the towering red-brick High Court building in the eastern city of Lahore.

  • xavier

    Very bluntly and coldly, shouldn’t these lawyers be targeted for assassination?
    Considering that the vast majority of the victims are Christians, the world would be better of without those lawyers

    • I think the world should should declare war on Islam. Nuke the capital city of every Muslim state to start then send them a note that it will get worse.

      If I were King…

      • It is long overdue for the non-Muslim world to find a solution for dealing with the “Islamic death cult”.

        • David

          We have found a solution. We bring them here, fete them and then prosecute anyone who disagrees with suckholing to the psycho death cultists.

  • simus1

    Small correction:
    “whoever we say does blasphemy or we take the bother to do a frame up of …….”