Hospital suspends consultant after he confronted surgeon who planned to operate in her HIJAB – despite it being against safety regulations

A hospital has suspended a consultant after he claimed that a Muslim surgeon walked out of an operation because she was asked to remove her religious headscarf.

Dr Vladislav Rogozov, 46, claimed in an online blog that he confronted her before the surgery when he realised she planned to wear the Islamic hijab which was against safety regulations.

But the unnamed surgeon refused, walking out of the operation and forcing staff at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital to find a replacement.

She later accused Czech-born Dr Rogozov, who has worked in Britain for ten years, of racial discrimination.

After a hospital investigation supported the consultant in his enforcement of the dress code, the Muslim surgeon left the hospital.

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  • Martin B

    The spirit of Rotherham – better to let a thousand girls be raped and a thousand patients die of infection than to offend one Mohammedan.

  • Barrington Minge

    Yet another “offended” mooslim.

  • ontario john

    Someone should report this to Heather Mallick. This is an insult to modern feminism to forbid a woman to wear a bag over her head.

  • pdxnag

    Broken record alert: Every single Muslim represents a battlefront in this game of Islamic conquest. Every last one must be removed before you can potentially experience peace, or at least not always be tensed and ready to repel an Islamic challenge on little to no notice at all.

  • AmicusC

    muslim isn’t a race, that’s the first problem. but hey lets continue suspending people for following the rules.

    • Gary

      The reason the odd Imam or muslim in the West uses the Racism term is because they slipped up and told the truth by mistake based on what they read in the quran.
      During my research on islam I had found a Middle East website that promoted islam and had a Q&A set-up by an Imam.
      One of the very detailed responses the Imam gave over the slavery issue was very telling about muhmamed’s mind and moral values he claimed were from allah.
      The Imam used the quranic verses and stories about muhammad to point out that the prophet had brought islam to the dark people because the Jews and Christians followed the religions of the White people . Then he went on to say that White’s should never be able to have Black slaves because slavery under islam is more just and gives them more Rights .

      When muslims hear this they deny it exists in the quran because that’s the default position in the west to lie for allah’s cause as they plot against the filthy infidels.
      Recently another Imam had screwed-up when he tried to defend Sharia law and islam over the sex-slaves issue that is approved by muhammad. I had to laugh when the Imam wanted to correct the lies about ISIS and other muslim rapes to slaves by asserting that the female Slave must consent to sex because rape is forbidden in islam .
      So we just had an Imam condone having Slaves as a muslims but that the females can not be raped as a Right because they must give permission.

      Those Imam’s aren’t too bright because even our Imam Steve Rockwell that has a TV show , approved by the CRTC , had endorse the ISIS sharia law and had told John Oakley that muslims will dominate one day and make Canada an islamic state as ordered in the quran.
      Rockwell is a rabid jew-hater and islamic supremacy loser that wants sharia law in Canada just as much as the Khadr’s pedophile Imam Aly Hindy who was on the TV one time to say that he wanted to see women hanged from light poles as Saddam did when they dressed like temptresses and offended allah.
      Meanwhile the CBC and STAR along with Justin now have the RCMP going after Right-wing Terrorists they just never seems to be able to find.

      So remember , it was the Muslim Brotherhood that came to the USA in the 1950’s to exploit the low IQ Black in poverty that it is all the White-man’s fault and that islam is their Roots and the religion of non-whites.
      Obama got smart and fled the death cult for Jesus, but he’s a failure at any faith he embraces because it for his own gaols as a veneer of virtue and moral standards. Obama sat in a Church once a week for about 20 years and listened to a racist Minister spew hate but it wasn’t taken in as hate but as normal by a fellow hater from islam that had only gone from Friday’s to Sunday’s and changed the building he sat in.
      That’s how black males from the ghettos got to be calling each other Brother because of the Nation of islam linked to the Muslim Brotherhood which was the group that planted bombs in the Statue Of Liberty in 1964 which Robert S. Collier was linked to an was alleged to be part of the 1969 Terrorism plot to bomb 5 department stores in New York city via the Black Panthers .

      Justin and Obama are dolts .

  • marty_p

    Thank goodness Mo’s don’t practice human sacrifice like the Incas did.
    Imagine kidnapping of non Mo’s dragging them to a ceremony where their heart is ripped out of their chest in a religious ceremony with Mo’s claiming the right to do so under the guise of freedom of religion.

  • simus1

    Surely in a case like this, which is just a forewarning of what is to come when there will be many more such confrontations in the future, a simple compromise is possible.
    Restrict devout muslim surgeons to muslim only hospitals, where they shall operate solely on devout muslim patients who agree to their services.

  • andycanuck

    Yeah, because surgical masks and gowns are so revealing.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Wow, I won’t let a raghead ring up my shopping, never mind operate on me. Not a chance. I’d die first.

    • Alain

      I am with you there. Cannot believe that anyone would accept a Muslim doctor of any kind, or even a nurse.