Erin Andrews wins $55 million from The Marriott owners over nude video of her recorded by stalker

A jury has awarded Erin Andrews $55 million in her lawsuit over a secretly recorded nude video that a stalker took of her in a hotel room and posted online.

Andrews, 37, who works for Fox Sports and co-hosts TV’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’, maintained that the stalker and two hotel companies were to blame for the 2008 video. Her original lawsuit sought $75 million in damages.

Attorneys for the owner and former operator of the Marriott at Vanderbilt University argued that while what happened to Andrews was terrible, the convicted stalker, Michael David Barrett, should be solely to blame for the video shot in 2008.

Jurors started their deliberations on Monday after two weeks of emotional testimony. They came back with a decision after a full day of deliberations, finding that the hotel companies and the stalker shared the blame.

The panel said the stalker was responsible for 51 percent of the verdict and the two hotel companies should share the rest, which is nearly $27 million.

  • vimy

    Well if she doesn’t donate at least half of that to an organization for victoms of this sort of crime she doesn’t deserve any of it

  • bob e

    wonder what an EX-sweetheart or two or ten, have
    on their phones huh ??
    Plus .. the hotel sounds real guilty to me .. don’t cha’ think ??
    good thing she is so popular or they would have told her to get rid of the stalker like everyone else in the world. hope the hotel
    gets some new attorneys and appeals, until it’s old news.
    she just looks so “totally devastated” .. there, on the way out.
    in court, she looked like a baton twirler from okefenokee swamp
    jr. high . better dress her similarly so the network & the entire TV audience doesn’t get sewed for ooogling her curves, cleaveage,

    • G

      “good ‘ting the judge didn’t check out her rack”

      That’s probably the only thing he DID check out. He probably wore reflective sunglasses throughout the trial.

      Hope her lawyers are proud of themselves – fucking low-lifes. (Mind you, expecting a lawyer to have any regular positive character aspects, you know like a sense of shame? is asking way too much.

      The male members of the legal team probably took a potion of the fee out in trade.

      • bob e

        she don’t do much for me. even when the TV make-up people spray on her new hair & face ..

  • Ron MacDonald

    Now the negotiations start. The hotel’s insurance company can launch an appeal that will cost hundreds of thousands over several years or she can settle for less within 30 days.

  • Jabberwokk

    I don’t see how the hotel is to blame unless it can be proven they were explicitly and willfully in on it.