Turkey’s assault on press freedom is the act of a dictatorship, not a democracy

When Vice News journalist Mohammed Ismael Rasool was detained by Turkish authorities last August, I wrote to a friend in Turkey to ask for his help. I remarked in passing on the worsening situation for press freedom in the country: ‘Yes, getting much worse,’ he replied. ‘At some stage they will come after us, too. Then we will need your help.’ This prediction of darker times ahead proved right much more quickly than any of us foresaw.

  • Tony

    I am sure Barak Obama and Justin Trudeau are going to weigh in any moment to condemn this in 3….2….oh forget it.

    • I’m certain Justin thinks Turkey is just a swell ally.

    • LeslieASimpson

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  • ntt1

    Lebanon and Iran were once quite secular before the cultural disease of militant islam dragged them back to the 12 century. we are just witnessing the beginnings of another point of light winking out. quarantine the savages now before they spread any further.

  • simus1

    Erdog and his associates are now as one with the stupid and ignorant turks who are their biggest fans.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This isn’t much different from the relationship between the White House and CNN/MSNBC/NYT and WaPo.