The Nazi who saved my mother’s life

“I’m here to find an SS officer,” I told the muscled man in uniform peering at me through the sentry window at the Berlin Archives. A plaque at the entrance read:

“During the ‘Third Reich,’ here was the barracks of Adolf Hitler’s SS Leibstandarte,” Hitler’s personal-bodyguard unit.

“The man saved my mother,” I added in German, smiling at the guard almost apologetically.

  • ntt1

    yeah and mum listened to her free polish airmen friends die over the tannoy during the battle of Britain. it was long ago

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  • simus1

    Had two uncles in WW2.
    As a bloodthirsty youngster, Uncle #2’s first answer to my first question at our initial postwar meeting was most unsatisfactory.
    “How many Germans did you kill?”
    “I didn’t kill any.”
    “Why not?”
    “It would not have been fair.”
    I learned later that he had been far too modest. He had been an instructor in England for most of the war and the knowledge he had skillfully imparted to others had undoubtedly led to the demise of tens of thousands of the enemy.

    • Ron MacDonald

      My father served in the SD&G’s during WWII, I asked him that question when I was about 7 years old, he refused to answer. I never asked again.

  • canminuteman

    I had a great uncle who was an RAF pathfinder pilot flying Mosquitos. He took part in a massive raid on Augburg Messershmitt factory. My father in law was bombed in that raid.

  • So there was one Nazi woman-beating bastard who took a king’s ransom in diamonds and did one small, honorable thing in his corrupt, hate-filled life. Now, two generations later, the ultimate beneficiary of the is trying to find meaning in it. She could have saved herself the trouble: It means that even degenerate evil has its price. I am reminded of a conversation I once had with the son of one of the “Schindler Jews”. This man’s name was Yaacov also. Yaacov told me that, when he was a school boy, Schindler payed a visit to his elementary school in Israel. One of the children asked Schindler, “Why did you do this? You risked your life and your family to save Jews, why?” Schindler did not smile. He looked at the child and said, “This is not a good question. The good question is: why did so few people do this?” Exactly.
    This author is on a self-absorbed quest to find a thieving, nazi beast who did one thing, probably not out of honor but out of the threat that these two people under his power could turn him in for taking the diamonds without sharing them with his commanders, for what?