‘Reformed’ UK jihadi arrested over ‘£1.2million eBay fraud to raise cash for terror

Hassan Butt Muslim TerroristA notorious Islamic extremist who went on to advise Labour Ministers as a ‘reformed jihadi’ has been arrested on suspicion of funding terrorism after allegedly running a £1.2 million scam on eBay.

Hassan Butt, who once boasted of recruiting hundreds of Britons for the Taliban, is accused of conning thousands of customers out of money, after advertising and taking money for iPhones and iPads via the online auction site but never delivering the products.

The former extremist advertised the products through his company, Mi Genie, which had its own web pages on eBay.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The only good Jihadi is a dead Jihadi.

  • H

    Oops ….

  • luna

    Definitely a flight risk.

  • simus1

    Surely only muslim customers needed to be made whole under sharia?

  • tom_billesley

    Ministers will seek his advice all the more when he’s reformed twice.