As God Is My Witness! Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party will never have to be called Conservative again!

Tory Leader Patrick Brown threw open the doors of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party Saturday night, inviting in union members, immigrants, gays, lesbians and climate-change activists, satanists, cannibals, sheep shaggers, necrophiliacs, vampires, cross dressers, pedophiles, coprophilia enthusiasts you name it…


As God is my witness Ontario PC Party goes bad


  • Might as well merge with the liberals then.

    “Brown told the 1,600 delegates that he’s a pragmatic Progressive Conservative who believes in equal opportunity, in high standards for health and education, and in working families keeping more of their hard-earned money.”

    what a mishmash

    • He also believes in unicorns evidently.

      • andycanuck

        Except unicorns are white.

      • Clink9

        What a dickless wonder. He just wants to stay long enough to get the pension.

    • David Murrell

      Brown is going after the CBC/Globe and Mail-elite vote. Except that in the next election the elites will collect their Liberal cash, and attack Mr. Brown’s PCs. .

  • mauser 98
  • H

    Another Liberal Party of Ontario – yay! As far as I could understand it, Browne is saying the Conservatives will be identical to Wynne’s party ideologically – but they won’t spend quite as much. Even from a practical standpoint, this won’t work: how will they satisfy their new union “friends” if they don’t spend, spend, spend?

    They are no longer conservatives in any sense of the word and it looks like they’re going to be crappy at being Liberals too. Quite an accomplishment. Oh, and if they think that making themselves indistinguishable from the Liberals is going to get them elected, I think they’re in for a surprise. I think I might actually enjoy seeing these idiots lose again, this time around. Screw ’em.

    • His economic policy is outlined in this schematic.

  • SDMatt

    Well that saves me from having to get up from my chair on election day.

    • john700

      No Canadian party will ever get my vote, but if there’s an armed revolution I would be ready to join.

    • It’s a relief knowing I have a free day coming.

  • Waffle

    Good to know my instincts are in excellent working order. I left the PCPO more than 5 years ago. I see, hear nothing to bring me back. Very sad.

    However, I will be eternally grateful I was lucky enough to grow up during the time when Ontario was THE best place to live and work and was able to take advantage of the opportunities it offered. It has now crumbled into ratshit with corrupt vultures porking out at the diminishing trough. Sad, very sad.

    • It has no place to go but down.

      The predators are looting the tax payer.

  • P_F

    Canadian Conservatives; ideologically no different from Canadian Libs or Dippers.

    They all support unrestricted mohammedan immigration, destruction of Canadian culture and believe in suppression of citizens rights & liberties.

  • simus1

    Patrick Brown is another idiot perfectly attuned to the still in charge bozo remnants of the “Big Blue Machine.”

  • DMB
  • Clausewitz

    I used to vote Ontario PC while holding my nose. Last real conservative we had was Mike Harris. As of this announcement they’re dead to me. Why would I vote for a Liberal Lite party. I guess Brown thinks the RINO’s are it, and he wants to be just like them. Asshole.

  • kkruger71

    So Liberal Party ! and Liberal Party 2, just arguing about who is more corrupt and which one will bribe the right people. And frankly so many left people would never vote for the PCs no matter what they offer so this is just guaranteeing Liberal (Party 1) victories for the foreseeable future.