UK: Muslim slaver given pathetically short sentence

It was a daring and audacious rescue mission. Upon its success rested the freedom, perhaps even the lives, of up to 45 men locked into a back-breaking life of slavery and forced to live in the most appallingly squalid conditions.

Mohammed Rafiq Muslim slaver

Mohammed Rafiq Muslim slaver

An unlikely squad of former policemen and soldiers working for the charity Hope For Justice – whose mission is to end human trafficking – had uncovered their plight.

And after weeks of detective work and meticulous planning, they were determined to free them.

The team had been tipped off about a suspected trafficking ring centred on the bed-making firm Kozee Sleep in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

h/t JEH

  • Yet another triumph of Multiculturalism. Slavery, the proud Muslim tradition that had all but died out in the decadent west, re-introduced by a guy named Mohammed! Ahhh! the pageantry and color off the east, How it enriches our dull lives!

    • It was a swell idea to invite a supremacist death cult to settle in the west!

  • bob e

    the UK is gone. how can they possibly let this happen to their children !! Think about that ..CHILDREN .. all over, North to South .
    East to West .. integrating murderer mohammed with
    the soft lullaby of Robt Burns and power of Shakespeare .
    what in gods name has happened to us ..

  • canminuteman

    I commented at the DM on this that a few hundred years ago Britain outlawed slavery and managed to eradicate it from a large part of the earth through their empire and their navy. Now they can’t even stop muslims from enslaving Hunganrians in their own country. It didn’t get published.