Persecuted Christian or perpetrator of crimes against humanity? Iranian man gets new refugee hearing

Canada wrongly rejected the refugee claim of a lieutenant-colonel in the Iranian National Police on the spurious grounds of guilt by association, and must now hold a new hearing into his claim that he is marked for death as an apostate for converting to Christianity.

  • B__2

    The question I have is: if he is granted refugee status and Canadian citizenship, would we ever hear if he renounces this conversion and then spends months or years visiting Iran with his newly minted Canadian citizenship? The record of refugees that claimed to be so in fear of death or persecution to need citizenship, yet find themselves safe enough to holiday or even live back in the country they are fleeing from means that I am now sceptical of all claims. As takiyya allows a Muslim to do anything or say anything as long as it advances the cause of Islam, I also remain sceptical of religious conversion claims if claiming to be a persecuted Christian gives refugee status.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The question I have is: Don’t Christian murderers deserve to die, too?