Migrant attacks and a conspiracy to hide the truth in Europe’s most liberal country…

Stockholm railway station isn’t a nice place at nine on a winter evening. Smart young Swedes run to catch trains to the suburbs watched by groups of men in hoodies leaning against pillars in the shadows as they swap plastic bags of cannabis or heroin for wads of krona, the national currency.

Occasionally, police in twos and threes patrol through this scene of Nordic Noir as chimes ring from the nearby 16th century St Clare’s Lutheran church, with spires piercing the dark sky.

Yet the police rarely stop and no one takes much notice of them anyway. ‘I am here to buy cannabis with my friends,’ Mustapha Drummeh, a 31-year-old Ghanaian who came to Sweden seven years ago told me, as he hung around the station amid other African and Arab migrants.

  • Dana Garcia

    I see Hotel Terminus in the photo — how appropriate!

    (Remembering the documentary of that name about Klaus Barbie)

  • tom_billesley

    So much has been swept under the rug that it must be difficult for Swedes to keep their footing.

  • Brett_McS

    You can literally see the vibrancy.

  • B__2

    And this is the reason every government wants control over what its citizens can write or read on the Internet. The only place Swedes can now learn the truth is person to person – or via the Internet. So many Swedes must have thought they had degenerate thoughts based on their own experiences since the government, its officials, the police and the press all supported a butterflies and sunshine narrative regarding the immigrants. Now they are finding they are not alone and that they have been and are being lied to. Only time will tell whether they will go back to sleep, or demand the truth and accountability from those that deem the public too stupid and unenlightened to make any decisions themselves.

  • canminuteman

    British newspapers, are almost as bad. There was a big brawl between police and “youth” in Barking the other day. Every single paper I read reported the exact same total lack of facts and allowed no comments. I dug some more on the internet and found a muslim supremacist website that explained that they are now the majority in Barking and were going to control the town. Now I know what it was all about, but the papers were not prepared to report it.

  • David Murrell

    Blaze, the above post makes for compelling reading.

    Two thirds of the way own, the writer mentions an “all-girl, bikini-clad group of vigilantes” who are trying to police the swimming pools, of groping Muslim men. As has been asked before, where are the men? Where are the authorities?

    • B__2

      The Politically Correct state and media does not allow it. Men are cowed into accepting the official lies. The hierarchy of victimhood would depict a similar group of Swedish men as a racist misogynous gang of vigilantes, and the state would deploy police to prevent the group operating. In addition, the immigrant men would see this as a challenge to their tribalism and deploy its own gangs, ostensibly to ‘protect’ any immigrant women but actually to fight the locals for control of the pool ‘turf’. The authorities could not allow the perception that they don’t control the swimming pool and so would step in to ban the native male protection patrols.

      Straight white males occupy the lowest rung of the ladder of hierarchical victimhood, and thus are treated the worst and given the least consideration and sympathy. Even though the immigrants occupy near the top rung, if not the top rung, the native females’ rung is nearby even if they will never be ‘more victim’ than the immigrants. This victimhood hierarchy allows this native women’s group to survive when a native men’s group would not be allowed to. Unfortunately this women’s group relies on victimhood and political correctness: essentially it’s a public demonstration of ‘girl power’ that relies on publicity to keep them and thoe women they seek to protect safe. Were the immigrant men not to care about being shouted at, this group would not only be useless but would be victims themselves. Ultimately their enforcement depends on men being available to back them up if harassment gets worse and this is really the deterrent to immigrant men behaving badly. It is just biological that men are better than women at fighting men, but they also are evolutionary tuned to do so in order to gain access to women’s fertility. Men are also more expendable in the big picture than women, so women are less suited for participation in to-the-death fighting than men. Feminism is turning men into submissive pseudo-women and relying on everyone being reasonably well behaved for the safety of women and children. The behaviour of immigrant males threatens to lay bare the truth: men who are prepared to use violence will dominate over a society that is afraid to.

      • David Murrell

        I agree with the points you raise. I will be advocating, in a later post down the road, that ani-Islamic men get together, and to patrol the streets, to protect women from Muslim immigrants. The attacks against women in Europe will soon come to Canada, to be sure. So we need well-organized vigilante grous, of men, to combat the nasty mobs of sex-starved Muslim men.

        • B__2

          You do know the state (every Western Civilisation state) will not allow it, as they reserve the threat of violence for themselves and their representatives. Muslim immigrants are more used to being allowed to enforce their morals without the involvement of the state and often even with the states tacit approval.

  • BillyHW

    Women’s suffrage is immoral and against God’s will.

    If you support women’s suffrage than you are immoral and oppose the will of God.

    • David Murrell

      I fully agree with your position, and take back any prior misstatements I may have made criticizing your views. From this point forward I will be supporting your cogent posts. If you do not mind, I will try to research statements (and links) backing you up. It is too late in the evening for me to do this now! But you raise good points.