Donald Trump Amends The “Marquess of Queensberry” Rules For His Rallies: “I’ll Defend You in Court”

Donald Trump

Of course the left is hyperventilating! 

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been criticized for not condemning his supporters who use physical violence against protesters at his rallies. On Friday, Mr. Trump insinuated that he enjoys the brawls and said he would defend his supporters in court cases.

When a protester interrupted his speech at a rally in Michigan, he encouraged his audience members to force the protester out.

“Get him out,” Mr. Trump said, CBS reported. “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court.”

He then asked the crowd, “Are Trump rallies the most fun? We’re having a good time.”

The billionaire real estate mogul said he was tired of the “political correctness,” when it came to handling protests at his campaign events.

Mr. Trump recalled another incident at a New Hampshire valley where a protester started “swinging and punching,” and he said some people in the audience “took him out.”

“It was really amazing to watch,” he said, CBS reported.

  • Can you imagine Bernie Sanders saying that?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      No, I can’t.
      That lame coot Sanders even let them share the stage with him and take over his mic to spew their lies.
      That will not happen at a Trump rally!

      I’m waiting for Trump’s “It’s now time for our enemies to be afraid” speech. 🙂

      • barryjr

        They already are, look at the eGOP

  • huron

    asshole at the bar constant finger poke I said stop it no one more poke I think he shat his teeeethss out

  • Alain

    Good on Trump. Frankly there needs to be an end to these radicals who think they have the right to shut down anyone who does not share their ideology, and they certainly have no problem using violence and criminal activity to do so.

    • Clausewitz

      They should have started beating the shit out of Alinskyites back in the 70’s. We were just too nice. Time to show these show donkeys how things are done downtown, and shock the hell out of them.

  • Gary

    The leftist media reported that trump kicks on black man from rally. I doubt the issue was colour, a moron by any other name……….
    Democrats are sending out the BLM street thugs which are Obama’s version the the nazi brown-shirts .

  • kkruger71

    My go-to comment when my left-leaning Canadian friends say something like “this shows he’s Hitler” is to ask them if they thought the same thing when Chretien choked out a protester himself, never mind just half-heartedly scolding people for doing so.

    • G

      Who gives a damn if people call him Hitler? (especially canadians).

      The next time a canadian calls Trump that, tell the canuck:
      “Well he’s actually got a set of balls unlike the useless, gay, chickenshit fuck-weasels canadians elect. And he’s also had a REAL JOB unlike your little trust fund, candy ass Prime minister. Also? Since he’s quite likely to be president soon, maybe when he’s in the Oval Office he might actually take economic actions AGAINST canaduh until they start paying a fair share for the defense of North America”.

      You might add that “since canadians can’t vote in American elections maybe he should STFU and mind his own business”.

      I’m a canadian and I’m sick of the gutless, holier-than-thou, anti american posturing done by other canadians. Our leadership and indeed most canadians need to get a long overdue and well deserved ass kicking by the americans to take them down a notch.

  • favill

    I think the biggest fear from the vocal minorities will be when the civilized tribe in the US realizes that they’re tired of being kicked around by the very people who’ve destroyed cities like Detroit and Baltimore–and start to retaliate in the most violent way possible. Furthermore, when the newsies show up at these events the civilized folk will realize they’re going to be painted in a bad light anyway, and treat them like the fifth columnists that they are….I’d start watching alphabet network TV just to watch that happen. Imagine, a camera being taken from a news crew and the real news being broadcasted by those whom the elites have forsaken these many years. Just watch how the Muslims do it…a group of people can easily overwhelm the cops when you outnumber them 20 or 30 to 1.

  • Tokenn

    I think a big part of Trump’s appeal is that he gives the strong impression that he would actually stand up to America’s enemies. Ronald Reagan was the same…he wan’t actually all that great a conservative, but he didn’t back down and was willing to project American power and confidence. I can easily imagine Trump saying ‘Tear down this wall.” [or ‘Let’s build a wall’…whatever]