Does Mitt Romney Think He’s Following Mormon Prophecy by Denouncing Trump?

For it is written, so shall it be done!

For it is written, and so shall it be done!

“For there shall come a time of such tribulation in the land that friend will be indistinguishable from enemy, and authentic prophecy indistinguishable from 35-year-old Rush lyrics.”

Stuff D.B. Cooper Says, vol.1, quatrain 42

“When the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they will have to call for the “Mormon” Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it.” 2:182.

(Brigham Young, Discourses of Brigham Young, p.361)

This election year just gets better by the day!

Mormon Think has the goods on the mormon “white horse” prophecy

H/T Tabitha Bliss

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As the BeeGees sang, “How can a loser ever win?”

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Watching the Stupid Party tear itself apart over the Trumpster is one of the more amazing sights of my long life.

    • Trump is the only republican candidate that can beat hiliary.

      What the GOPe has done is destroy the party for at least 10 years. They preferred to let hiliary win rather than listen to the voters.
      GOPe is disgusting.

  • terrence

    Check out this article from zerohedge about how much of a fraud Romney is.

  • Dana Garcia

    Oh right, Mormons really care about the US Constitution (which does not include polygamy as a basic human right).

  • ismiselemeas

    Give Romney all the airtime he needs. I want more Joseph Smith prophesies. Finally some decent daytime comedy.

  • Canadian

    I used to practise my English with mormon missionnaries, and they did the same with French.
    We talked about anything except religion.
    But religion was what they were here for…
    When one started on the catholic church`s bad deeds I asked him to tell me about the Mountain Meadows massacre.
    He said he never heard of it, and they never came back.
    So much for any religion…