Turkey-based Egyptian Wagdi Ghoneim Criticizes ISIS For Fighting Libyan “Rebels”: “Go Fight the Infidels… We Should All Unite and Join Hands”


But of course as we all know it’s just a tiny minority of extremists who are into this sort of thing. By the way, Wagdy the Exalted was “imam at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, California, in the United States, until 2005.” Anyway, watch this, it’s funny. (Yeah, it would help if I could figure out how to embed these kinds of videos.) Wagdy really touches all the bases: Religion Of Peace, sex slavery, cats, Shia aren’t Muslim, how to treat the dhimmi etc.

  • What a tool!

  • k1962

    Yes, go bite the hand that feeds you. The stupid political class will still feed you, send you our money and allow you to immigrate to our once great land with your 12 feral children whom we will support for you so you can collect welfare 😛