PM Useful Idiot’s Security Priorities Are Emerging

It began with a bizarre media interview last month with Canada’s new International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau. It took place shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Canada’s new policy for fighting the Islamic State (ISIS), which emphasized significantly increased “humanitarian aid” ($1B) to provide local assistance in the areas of the Middle East affected by the ongoing Syrian conflicts.

  • bverwey
    • Yes he has.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      He defines faggot.

  • bverwey

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  • Gary

    I won’t be shocked if Pressure-cooker bombs go off at the PRIDE parade in Toronto. Plus I won’t be shocked when the CBC refuses to link the bogus refugees from Syria to the terrorism bombing.
    Brining in 200,000 jew-hating anti-west homophobic muslims just for their votes is insane because they hate gays and are ordered to kill them along with jews.

    Justin is about to put over 125,000 homophobic muslims in Toronto where their is a gay Village which will be easier for the islamists to slaughter far more homosexuals at once which they couldn’t do back home because gay men were in the closet and weren’t allowed a PRIDE parade.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Uninteneded consequences.
      Liberals always cause them.