Muslims and the Maypole

Since 2006, when Bruce Bawer wrote his illuminating book entitled While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, the situation has worsened tenfold. Not surprisingly, when his book was first published, Bawer was accused of Islamophobia. Yet as early as 1998, Bawer noted the widening divisions between the liberal and democratic policies of the Netherlands and the fact that “Dutch Muslims kept that society at arm’s length, despising its freedoms.”

  • Gary

    Muhammad was bent on making the entire World one big islamic hell-hole.
    Look what’s happened to Canada just since 9/11/01 . Then take a look at the growth of muslims in Welfare housing as the women pump out future Jihadists for allah’s cause .

    Imam Steve Rockwell told John Oakley during his radio show that muslims will dominate canada one day and make it an Islamic state as ordered in the quran where muslims must impose sharia law when they have the power to do so .
    But once they are the majority or have the number to do jihad, they must claim the land and nation they are in for allah’s Caliphate.

    Imam Rockwell has a TV show where our Liberalism allows him to spew this every week to his muslims viewers. Justin has plans to bring in another 175,000 pro-sharia pro-caliphate muslim immigrant voters in the guise of refugees.

    Justin better build more rape-crisis centre’s while he makes sure the Police are told to not report rapes when the rapists are muslims refugees.