Migration Timebomb: European Commission approve unlimited visa-free travels to Turkey

Officials in Brussels offered Turkey £2.3 billion and visa-free travel if it clamps down on the number of refugees making their way into Europe through its borders.

‘Just when things couldn’t get any worse, the EU gifts the notorious sultan Erdogan of Turkey visa-free travel. Turkey is largely responsible for the Muslim invasion into Europe. Do the poltroons at the EU really believe that giving Turkey visa-free travel will stop the flood of invaders?

…President Erdogan will quietly announce “citzenship” to millions of “Syrian refugees” from the Middle East and Africa. The borders will calm down, and quietly the Muslim invaders will land at airports and other points of entry.

The takeover of Europe will be steady and sure. It will not be reported or even acknowledged.’

  • Europe suicidal – no longer a surprise.

    • Turkey is an enemy state.

      • The Turks have been yearning to takeover Europe since the fall of Constantinople 550 years ago. They tried and failed and tried again ever since. They are just waiting for their chance today. The Germanic tribes have lost their primal energy, the energy that made them takeover the (Western) Roman Empire progressively. Hitler was a last ditch effort to regain dominion. The Germans seem ready for extinction. Pity – they gave the world a lot of good (culture, science, etc.), as well as much bad of course.

    • But why!?!

      • BradThomas

        I’m starting to come to the conclusion that (drum roll) there is no simple answer. OK, I know, that’s not much of an answer but it’s the best I have!

        But more seriously, we’ve all heard various ideas; here are a few:

        – guilt over the Holocaust (in Germany anyway);
        – simple greed on the part of some who are benefitting from the mass migration (short term – long term they too will pay a steep price);
        – secularism/hedonism: the loss of a moral/ethical compass has done any number of things, including perhaps lowering the birthrate (and people without offspring tend not to be so invested in the future) so some people are indifferent to anything but their immediate gratification (we brought in “refugees” therefore I feel good and can go back to my self-absorbed lifestyle);
        – good old fashioned stupidity, naivety, perhaps?

        And there are no doubt other possibilities. But for all that, I am not fully satisfied that your question has been answered. I still find myself, like you, shaking my head in bafflement: what the HELL is going on?

        • All true.

        • Britain has no reason to feel guilt over the Holocaust, and look what it’s done to itself.

          • Britain feels guilt over the British Empire, maybe.

      • In reply to the question why? I would suggest the obvious psychological explanation. When someone or any number of people invest their self-image in a certain ideology, they are pretty well stuck on the rails of that commitment. It is like a liar who has to keep on lying and building more and more lies in order to backup and buttress his previous lies. They are psychologically forced to maintain the illusion they opted for. It takes a very special person to admit error and reverse course. So we are all bound for Islamic hell because of the liars among us who simply cannot admit error.

    • I mean, what about this? “Have you thought about the possibility that Merkel has been bribed?”:

      I don’t know what to think.

      • Brett_McS

        Could be. The “multi-culturalism has failed” statements she made not long before directly contradict what she did. That lead people to think she had suffered some form of brain damage. Or was bribed.

        Then again, if the actions weren’t supported by a large contingent of Euro-weenies they wouldn’t have been possible. They are also committing energy suicide. We used to get fatigue testing done in Germany but it has become too expensive because of the high energy use so we get it done in the Czech Republic now – they are virtually as good as Germans, technically, but less German.

      • Hard to believe in bribery of Merkel. Maybe blackmail of some sort by someone, but bribery?

        • I can’t wrap my head around it. Even political stupidity can only go so far. Maybe. I don’t know.

          • The behavior of Western governments today is inexplicable. It is a rush forward into self-destruction. Some are frantically trying to step on the brakes, but the vehicle is more and more out of control.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        I think, but I may be wrong, that after two world wars, Europeans are too exhausted and demoralized to uphold what made their civilization great.

  • Ron MacDonald

    This is what happens when progressive are put in charge.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Priceless. Now guess how many Turks who don’t speak Turkish show up.